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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 5, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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future ads. here is shepard. >>shepard: the news begins the s anew, on "studio b" today major changes for the postal service. no more overnight delivery for one. and much more. how the overhaul could affect everybody. plus, a u.s. spy plane, a drone, missing over iran. officials claim they shot it down. they could be backtracking. the pentagon has thoughts on this. and more drama for the troubled country singer mindy mccready due in court today after running off with her young son last week. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00 the former house speaker and g.o.p. presidential candidate gingrich met with the businessman and reality t show host donald trump. according to several iowa opinion polls, speaker gingrich is the latest frontrunner in the
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g.o.p. nomination and the iowa caucuses are weeks away, the speaker agreed to take part in a trump moderated debate ahead of that vote. candidate huntsman and ron paul rejected this. and karl rove said the republican national committee should stop the thing and call it "odd." >> well, according to a september fox news poll a third of voters said a trump endorsement would make him less likely to vote for that candidate. but, the speaker defended mr. trump today. >> donald trump is a great showman, and a great businessman if we are trying to figure out how to create job as difference between my party and the other party is we actually go to people would necessity how to create jobs to figure how to create jobs. >> the donald says heel not endorse until after he hosts the debate and that is later this month. and now, carl cameron, live on capitol hill. what is up with the 200 debate?
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at first you laugh. then it is like, well, that could be interesting. >>carl: he has had all the candidates meet are him in new york city and they all appreciated him, and it gets tv attention and lots of coverage in the blogs. so, for gingrich it is an opportunity to get a lost attention. that is something he feeds off of. he talks how he has a decentralized organization and will rely on social media and new innovative technology to campaign in this run. he is leading not polls but boots on the ground matter. the endorsement for trump is a big deal as the endorsement from herman cain who could be considering gingrich. >>shepard: we will talk about that decision in a moment. and there is an ad war in iowa. >>carl: it is important to fad how late this all is. today is the first time the top tier candidates, the top three in any poll out this year are
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actually all on the air simultaneously. all of the ads, the few that is run so far this year have been positive. today, ron paul launched the first ad tweaking rivals. this is ron paul, in second place in the des moines register poll and competitive in the first caucus state on the air with the first criticism. >> what's up with these story politicians? (inaudible) want to drain the swamp? do it! >>carl: a spot that will run in iowa, new hampshire and other voting states. gingrich has launched his first ad in iowa, the first ad, the 60-second commercial talking about his positive proposals and american ideals with great video of a classic sort of america, but he does not have the same coined of money the other candidates have had and, certainly, just starting now,
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illustrates how late she, and, also, romney is now on the air in iowa with the first out on friday. all positive. the only candidate who has actually put money on the air to criticize is ron paul and it is worth noting he has run more ads and spent more on tv in iowa and across the country. >>shepard: thank you, karl. and now karen, a g.o.p. strategist, former communications director for the republican national committee and served as deputy communications director for fred thompson not so long ago. >>guest: great to see you. >>shepard: first, the donald trump moderated debate. isn't there a danger in doing something like that for somebody who may not be a trump favorite? >>guest: he is not a journalist. trump is unpredictable, it is difficult to say or predict what he will do, what sort of outrageous thing he could say that other candidates will find themselves having to distance
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themselves from. donald trump was on a conference call just today with conservatives and still talking about where president obama was born. this is nonsense. and i am surprised that gingrich is stooping to be involved in a debate with a man like donald trump. i don't think, ron paul is correct. he said she not doing to participate because he thinks it is beneath the office of the presidency and the office they are running for to participate in a debate with a reality t star. i'm surprised that gingrich would do that. >>shepard: we will see. and then herman cain, the thinking on friday among those would believe he was never running for president not first place, on friday the thinking was he can't stop the campaign because then he would not get federal matching funds to pay for whatever he is doing so he did not stop it he suspended it. is isn't seeing through this? >>guest: a number of people who see through this and see the flexibility he has given himself in the campaign. in fact, he sent out a
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fundraising appeal the day before he suspended his campaign, and if you think, if you still support me, send me money, make a generous donation. first, he could use this and transfer the funds to a candidate of his choice. he may be trying to use that to play king maker. i don't thing he is but he could see himself in that role other set up his own pac like sarah palin set up her pac. there could be a cain pac. he cannot used funds for himself but for the travel, and --. >>shepard: for instance, travel for instance when you go to a state where campaigning is not really on right now, say, mississippi, but you have a book signing, you could pay for that. >>guest: you certainly could. under the guise of promoting the issues you care about. so people are waking up to herman cain and wondering if he
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is just pulling the wool over people's eyes but he has a fair amount of money in the campaign kitty. >>shepard: he does, indeed. thank you, karen. the president urged congress to extend the payroll tax cut that are set to expire at the end of the year saying otherwise the average family could see a tax hike of $1,000. many lawmakers support an extension but they have been split on terms of how to pay for the thing. and now, live to the white house. there was talk they could be close to a compromise but it sounded like maybe not. >>guest: the democrats actually we are duesed -- reduced the cost by taking away the tax cut that applies to employers, all working americans see their taxes go another $500 next year but they will go up $1,000 in congress and the white house don't find a way to reach an agreement in the next month. the key is to find a way to pay for it. here is the president. >> we all recognize we have to make progress on the deficit.
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and i'm willing to work with republicans to extend the payroll tax cut in a responsible way. i'm not willing to pay for the extension in a way that actually hurts the economy. >> the president says that ruled out cuts that would hurt the recovery, cuts in education or in the social safety net and he says what the republicans are proposing is to use money that the white house and congress have already earmarked for reducing the deficit. that is out, as well. >>shepard: what are republicans saying to this in response? >>reporter: they say, speaker boehner says that there is wide-spread support for continuing payroll tax cut, extending the tax cut but not if it means higher taxes or an increase in the deficit and republicans are not happy, senate democrats have not included them in the negotiations. utah senator hatched released a statement early today saying "it's hard for the majority to call this a compromise when the other side hasn't been involved." kentucky republican senator mcconnell says the proposal, a
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tax hike to pay for it, the proposal, the only bipartisan thing about that is the opposition. now, one republican leader says that the inclusion of a tax hike is a poison pill intended to, by democrats, to have this measure fail to the democrats can then blame republicans for the failure of something that has wide-spread public support. >>shepard: thank you, wendell, from the white house. still following news. a short time ago the head of the federal aviation administration is now on "administration leave," after he was arrested for drunk driving. over the weekend an officer in northern virginia pulled over the 65-year-old after shooting him driving on the wrong side of the street. the officer then charged him with driving while intoxicated. the feds say his employment is now under review.
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the head of the federal aviation administration. on leave. >> country singer mindy mccready is in arkansas court after the cops say she ran away with her son with the court would not allow her to could saying her mother was abusing the boy. now the family is speaking so will she face criminal charges? for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner.
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[ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ >>shepard: the country singer who violated a court order by running off with her five-year-old son is back if court today three days after cops found the two of them hiding in a closet of an empty house in arkansas. the singer reportedly took her son's zander away from her father's florida home last week. police and u.s. marshals found them in the closet of her boyfriend's summer home 50 miles outside of little rock arkansas on friday night.
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officials say that zander is in foster care where he is safe and healthy. now her half brother tells abc news that she has not been completely honest. >> don't understand that she gets away with telling all lies and she does something like that and i don't understand how she can get away with it. >>shepard: she has faced domestic abuse and drug charges since topping the charts in the 1990's. and it is my understanding that a judge now will make a decision on what happens to the child? >> he will probably send the boy back to florida but mccready right now is still inside an arkansas courtroom and has been for sell hours but question not tell you what is happening these are juvenile cases to protect the minor. mccready took zander without permission and could be charged with abduction although she may have felt justified because she claims her son and her half
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brother, sky, you just saw, have both been abused by the grandfather, an accusation she denies as well as mindy's stepfather. >> mindy has said we have abused her child and sky and he is right here. he can tell you he has never been abused. >> hours ago we talked with the grandmother, and she told us she does not want mindy arrested and she believes her we daughter has trouble processing things but hopes this is a wake up call to make a better life for herself, squander and her soon-to-be born babies, she is pregnant with twins. if the grandmother does not want to press charges the judge could go easy on her given her emotional troubles. >>shepard: what about getting custody back? is that a custody. >> it is, she has a history of reported suicide, he has been, depression but if she sought professional help, she could
3:16 pm
regain custody and that's what her father wants. >> we are happy where he is the most comfortable is with his mom. >> the legal standard in florida as well as other squisheds is this: what is in the best interests of the child? judging for the most part tend to favor biological parents in answering that question. >>shepard: and now the lawyers, arthur aidala fox news contributor, and randy zelin is a criminal defense attorney. the facts here as i have read them, indicate that the court had ordered that the child be in someone else's custody; that according to the rules as laid out by the court, mindy mccready stole the child and now there is the possibility at least that she could get custody back. arthur, that is weird. >>arthur: what is so sad, and
3:17 pm
you brought it up on friday, they were going to seize the child and they did, and this five-year-old kid, he is in a closet with his mom, and law enforcement authorities open up the closet. and pull him out. emotional damage that is done to that child and you heard what gregg said is the standard, the best interests of the child, not even randy could make a cogent argument that was in the best interests of the child being pulled out of a closet by law enforcement when you are hiding in there with your mom. that is tragic. >>randy: watch me. in all seriousness, what we are seeing right now, we are seeing hope. we are seeing a mother who i thought said the right thing. a father who said the right thing. this child belongs with her mother. so far we have seen a judge who has been very solemn. he has not dropped the hammer on her. and he has come out and said, listen, i'm only dealing right now with the fact that this child belongs with grandma.
3:18 pm
i'm not dealing with anything else. so, just maybe this will be a wake-up call and the criminal justice system is on trial and common sense will prevail. she does not get locked up gets an opportunity to get her act together and get her child back. >>shepard: what message would that send if a court made an order and someone violates the order with the child's life in the balance or the child in the balance, and, you get preferential treatment after you have done that? >>randy: sometimes we mistake kindness for weakness. i don't think the judge is showing weakness. i think he is showing restraint and i don't thing it is sending a message that people get breaks, i think the message that is being sent is the law has breadth to it and it is alive and we should be flexible and use common sense and say what good will be done locking this woman up? >>arthur: and what good was done by having the cops pull the five-year-old out of the closet hiding with his mother?
3:19 pm
nothing, but to scar him for life. he is five. he will remember that. i am not say sending her to jail for 30 years. but the grandmother was abusing him is what her claim is ... she is pregnant with twins, severe depressive, and she has had a strong hit of messing with drugs. until everyone sees that child is safe she should follow the law. >>shepard: well leave it there. the judge will make a decision and we will update you on that decision. snail mail is about to get a lot slower. the cost cutting move could slow down things by day. what will it mean for bills and rent checks and the rest? we have that and the rest of the news coming up on "studio b" ahead. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: the postal service is about to take own precedented changes this spring to keep the cash-strapped mail system afloat. it is way underwater. the postal service announcing a plan to shut down more than half of the processing facilities across the country and eliminate tens of thousands of jobs. that will mean slower mail delivery times, no more fix day service on first-class letters, at all. part of an effort to save billions and according to the postal authority folks avoid bankruptcy. and now, like in arlington, virginia. how does it affect holiday shopping and shipping? >>reporter: very little but for people's mood. the changes have to be printed in the federal register and there is a lock comment period and it has to be approved by the postal service regulatory commission, and that will take a lots of time so look for the changes probably in early april. but, as you said, the postal service has been hemorrhaging
3:24 pm
money so the changes will make some very difficult changes. it will result if the shutdown of many sorting facilities across the country. we're talking about 480 present-day facilities reduced to 275 and probably the loss of 35,000 jobs and saving of $3 billion, the timeframe for the mailing of a first-class letter will change. though more overnight delivery on a first-class letter. it will take from two to three days. so, anything that you mail first-class today is not going to arrive tomorrow come month of april. but this is just the first in a series of massive changes that the postal service will be seeing over the next several years. we spoke we with the post master general. >> game plan not organization is to take $20 billion out. we taxi no tax money so we live 100 percent on our revenues so we have a game land to take $20
3:25 pm
billion out of the networks, well take $3 billion and this is worth a little bit over $2 billion. >>reporter: one change, the elimination of 3,700 post office resulting in the elimination of about 100,000 jobs. the postal service hopes a lost it happens through attrition. >>shepard: is there a sense down the road this is an outdated model? >>reporter: it is an outdated model to a lot of people. proof is in the year 2000 only 10 percent of americans paid their bills online, and only 10 percent. today, about 60 percent of americans pay their bills online, so you can see the change. it is evolution happening. no doubt. >>shepard: thank you, doug, in suburban virginia. the dow up on signs that european leaders are, again, trying to contain their debt crisis. a couple big matters, the french president sarkozy and the german chancellor merkel has a new plan to punish the members that
3:26 pm
failed to keep their budget deficits under 3 percent of gross domestic product and the second thing, the new italian prime minister has proposed new budget cuts and hikes in a plan to raise the national retirement age. this is on top of last week's 800 point rise, we are up 33 today, the big it weekly percentage gain happened last week, since july of 2009. new details about the fate of a u.s. spy plane that disappeared overiran and is the kind used in the raid that killed osama bin laden. a live report on what the scenes may do with this thing. plus, the u.s. government releasing new documents about the controversial gun sting "fast and furious." so i was thr going to have the heart attack.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. the united states military confirms to fox that iran is now in possession of u.s. stealth spy drone similar to the one used in the raid that killed osama bin laden. according to iran's news agency, the military shot down the plane but officials tell fox there is absolutely no indication that iran shot down anything. jennifer with the news is live at the pentagon. i am curious what the united
3:31 pm
states bunch is saying about our side. >> sources have con felled to us that the u.s. air force is miss ing drone, a stealth drone that went down over iran last week. there are very images of this top secret drone and it is very similar to the pictures that you are seeing here but these are not pictures of the drone. there are only three pictures of that drone and they were taken at the airbase in 2009 but we do not have permission to show them, a $6 million stealth aircraft manufactured by lockheed market and the name means that it sun -- is unarmed but there are no signs it was shot down. >>shepard: i'm curious how concern those are that the iran ends have this technology in their happens. that seems like the headline. >>reporter: they are
3:32 pm
concerned. they are not sure what condition the drone is in, it may have crashed so it is not clear whether they can reverse engineer it. usually the officials are dismissive of what the eneasterns are saying through their state run news agency. here is how we learned of this, this weekend. >> the first story this hour comes from iran where the armed forces say they have downed an intruding u.s. spy drone in the eastern part of the country. >> nato issued a statement saying "what they are referring could be an unarmed reconnaissance airport that was flying over western afghanistan, the operators of the unmanned aerial vehicle lost control of the aircraft and had been working to determine its status." it towns out we know that it was a high-tech plane and they are concerned it may, that the
3:33 pm
iranians may share this technology with the russians or the chinese. >>shepard: thank you. and now context from the managing director of the washington institute and former senior director at the national security council and special assistant to secretaries of state rice and colin powell. the iran iranians have it and ty have a history of sharing this technology. >>guest: it is unfortunate. but it is better than if they captured a piloted jet, and i think this illustrates, really, how dangerous the iranian regime is. there have been a string of provocations and this is the latest. the embassy takeover. there was the saudi assassination plot in washington. and all of these things, imagine if, for example, people were captured at the british embassy or killed in washington, and,
3:34 pm
so, we keep getting close to something really bad happening with the iranians. >>shepard: what not world are you going to do about it. where is the place in the world that sanctions worked effectively? >>guest: they do not have a great hit working and the hope is we fine the right come by face of things, maybe it is the oil sanctions that cause the iranians to think twice. without the iranian regime worrying that we will somehow respond to the provocations, that there is actually the danger of a military attack against iran, that, really, the sanctions by themselves will not do the trick. it needs to be part of a tougher policy. >>shepard: everyone who talks on matters like this says the same thing the possibility of a strike either by israel or by the united states or by a combination of the two is something that could be happening, so either people are ratcheting up fears or getting us ready to hear something. >>guest: well, it does not work that way. if the iranians worry an attack might possible, that makes war
3:35 pm
less likely. and, secretary of defense panetta the other day said that the military option was on the table, but he gave five reasons why the u.s. should not attack iran ran and when they hear that in tehran they are not worried about a u.s. military attack and if they worry about that they will have to think twice. >>shepard: it is unclear what we could solve the nuclear problems even with an attack. >>guest: it is uncertain and you would not want to get to that point once they stop because they worry about the consequences, if it came to a military attack the u.s. military obviously highly capable, the most capable in the world. >>shepard: in question. thanks very much. and now to washington, where the justice department releases more than 1,000 pages of documents over the botched gun tracking operation, "fast and furious." today there are new accusations that the feds lied identify how they managed the we program. the guns turned up at the murder
3:36 pm
scene of a patrol agent. and now, judge napolitano is here. how do you approach this? >>judge napolitano: this is a revelation guns were put into the hands of drug cartels but the cash that the drug cartels were earning as a result of their unlawful activity was being deposited in american banks by ... the d.e.a. agents so they were acting in furtherance of money laundering, again, so they could determine how the money was laundered and who came to the bank to collect it. of course, this was close to $30 billion in cash, and they seized $11 billion. where did the rest go? into the hands of the bad guys. >>shepard: how do you approach this? >>judge napolitano: you have very novel law enforcement techniques that the american public will say, this is ridiculous. and most members of congress will say this is ridiculous.
3:37 pm
the d.e.a. allowing guns to get not hands of the bad guys and then they participate in the money lawn decembering and this has been going on for a while not just the fault of the obama administration, but it is coming out, now, this bit of the money laundering is new and the obama administration has not even, the revelation is new, and has not been in a position to defend it but the guns, that misled the congress on and heads will probably roll. ship $30 billion? >>judge napolitano: an unbelievable amount of money. the drugs do not have a value of that, but they have a market value of that because of what the drug dealers have to go through to get the product from the producer in mexico to the user in the united states. but the thought that this money passed through the hands of federal agent whose helped its movement, they did not stop the people who deposited it in the banks, they deposited it for them, is repellant. why does the government have to break the law tone force that
3:38 pm
law? >>shepard: you have been asking that question for 10 years. >>judge napolitano: i have, i have. and this not even political. it is not republican or democrat but coming out while the democrats are in power but this has been going on no matter who the president is or what party controls the federal government. it is an attitude on the part of federal agents that they can break one law in order to enforce another law. even if people are harmed by the law they break like the border agent would was killed or this money that actually generating interest in banks and then being withdrawn by people who rested from it. >>shepard: incredible. >>judge napolitano: it is and i think it may reach a head soon. highly unorthodox and destructive. >>shepard: nice to see you. a 12-year-old boy set to stand trial as an adult, a 12-year-old. on charges he murdered his own
3:39 pm
step brother. a 12-year-old, possibly locked up for the rest of his born days? the question is, is that the best way to handle this case? is in a better way in plus, credit card use is back on the rise. what happened to the savings? do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding,
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see if it's right for you. all medicare supplement plans let you keep your own doctor, or hospital that accepts medicare. there are no networks and no referrals needed. help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. >>shepard: a 12-year-old boy is preparing to stand trial for murder after the lawyers reject add plea deal. the kid is from jacksonville and accused killing his 2-year-old half brother after hitting him on the head at least twice and this kid, 12, the youngest murder defendant ever. if convicted he faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. defense attorneys say the case should go to juvenile court but
3:43 pm
the prosecution is standing by the decision to try him as an adult. and now the legal panel, legal analysts arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. this is tough. >>arthur: we are going do wind up on the same side on this. you cannot put a 12-year-old in jail for life. when the experts assigned by the court, the child psychologist, have said he is totally a candidate for rehabilitation. he was raised like a wolf the his mother gave birth when she was 12 and she has been cited so membership times for negligence found in the state at two, walking around dirty but the experts have told the judge, give us ten, 12 years we will fix him. >>shepard: the system missed him. >>randy: the difficulty, in florida, if he is treated as a juvenile, he will be released,
3:44 pm
at the age of 19 or 20, which means they fall short of the ten or 11 years they think it is going to take to straighten him." it is beyond a horrible story, 12-year-old mother, 34-year-old grandmother, on drugs, a father who was the father because high raped his mother and stepfather blows his brains out in front family because he was abusing the 12-year-old boy, having said that, the 12-year-old boy took his 2-year-old brother whose leg he had previously broken and took a two-year old's head and smashed it into a bookcase and killed him. what do we do with this child? we try to fix him. >>arthur: the 12-year-old was shown in shackles. it is horrible. but there are a lot of people to blame here. a lot of people to blame. mom. grandmother. child protective services.
3:45 pm
a lot of people to blame before you take the key and throw it away on a 12-year-old. >>randy: if you let, and this ain't easy for me to defend this side of the aisle on this one, but what do you do if this child can't be fixed and you put him back out on the street at 20 or 21? and something like this happens again? who do we blame at that point? how do you explain to the parents of a child who is killed if god forbid that should happen? what do we say? oops, sorry? what do we say to the two-year-old? >>shepard: the mother, the mother who was 12 when she had this child is also in jail on aggravated manslaughter charges in connection with the same case, so it is --. >>arthur: a 12-year-old was babysitting for a two-year old. >>randy: when she scoffed what happened she does nothing county she did nothing. >>shepard: mighty sad.
3:46 pm
back in a while and we will talk about something a little lighter credit card use is rising and headed back to pre-recession levels. that is according to the analysis from the payment processing centers, finding significant increases in each of the first three quarters beating out credit card use. credit cards offer more perks and reward and airline miles than cash but they come with big interest rates and peter barnes is us with live from washington. how significant is the increase in the credit card usage? >>peter: a trend that has been building since the spring and it could be a sign that consumers are back. first data reports that purchases of credit cards rose 8.2 percent the first quarter but by the third quarter that figure rose to 10.6 percent and
3:47 pm
the momentum continued and the black friday with 11.2 percent pop and these are the first double digit increases in credit card purchases since before the recession, the first data that says it is due in court for banks canceling rewards on the debit cards and in part to middle and lower income consumers having to pay more for food and fuel. those consumers did not have the cash to pay the higher costs. so they put them on their credit cards. >>shepard: effect on sales? >>peter: well, it could mean that the entire holiday shipping season could be black, not just black friday, but bigger profits for retailers fewer shopping days in the red. and i was told today that credit card, this credit card data suggests the season could be stronger than expected which could give the economy a nice boost. >>shepard: wouldn't hurt. thank you, peter.
3:48 pm
russia's strong man putin has ruled that country for a decade but many say they have had enough of him. a live report on some embarrassing election results. [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] re pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards is
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>>shepard: he is the most powerful men in the world. he has held a tight grip on his country for a decade and now faces severe political set back which may hurt his career. we will see. voters dealt a major who to the russian prime minister putin and what they call his "party of crooks and thieves." secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is concerned about the suspicions of fraud there. >> the voters deserve a full investigation of all credible reports of electoral fraud and
3:52 pm
manipulation. russian people like people everywhere, deserve the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted. >>shepard: the u.s. has given russian $10 billion in aid over just the past decade. trace is live with us on this. a lost protests. >>trace: yes, the largest opposition rally in many years. you have 5,000 to 10,000 marking against putin near the kremlin and this is the first time in the ten year history of putin's united russia party, the tea party is losing support. and it appears that putin's popularity is also plunging. you look at the numbers and four years ago, united russia took 62 percent of vote. you look at it now,2011, less than 5300 including the wide spread voter fraud. >> this could look leak a loss for putin's party but he
3:53 pm
believes in managed democracy. so, his party is less important to him than his election to the presidency next year. >>trace: most experts agree with bolton despite the protests and opposition rallies it appears he really is the odds on favorite to regain the presidency. >>shepard: he needs the critics to become off. any chance? >>trace: he can do that by spending more money on social programs and one of the big keys in the election if you look at it was how well the communist party did and the experts say that is a very good sign that people are growing more concerned with the dissparety between the rich and the poor. heres again, is the arch bolton. >> the lesson is as long as putin and his supporters supply the material benefits that russians want, the value or the priority that they assign to democratic elections is pretty
3:54 pm
low. >>trace: and on the subject of lessons, russia has a long history of using public must be to help those this power. >>shepard: a t-shirt artist in vermont is battling a restaurant chain over a company trademark and even the governor is getting involved. he says representatives from chick-fil-a demanded he stop printing a slogan reading "kid eat more kale," and the restaurant slogan is "eat more chicken," spelled the way you see it and he says his is his phrase and does not cause real confusion and now the governor is joined "team kale," promoting locally grown food. when eight ferraris and two mercedes benz get together and a
3:55 pm
lambo, it is for a car show. not this time. don't go anywhere. nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world.
3:58 pm
♪ >>shepard: and then there is this before we call it a day on "studio b," better save than sorry, the phrase every mother has uttered. but a bunch of drivers in japan could be winning they heeded that advice the most expensive car wreck in history, 8 ferraris, and mercedes benz and a lamborghini, they were headed to a driver's show and one hit the median and how could you not be speeding if those cars. >>arthur: totally destroyed. that is a lot of money.
3:59 pm
the insurance companies i am sure are thrilled to pay out. >>shepard: that is what randy says. >>randy: i will take the keys to the white testarossa. >>arthur: i question the drivers. they all crashed? all of them? all of them? >>randy: driving on the left side. >>shepard: maybe they were driving like we drive on the long island expressway. those come have pretty good brakes. what a bucker. >>shepard: up again on the big board today, and the dow up 83 points. ring the bell why don't you. good job, and neil cavuto is up next, and context and perspective on the news. i will see you tonight for the follow report. until then have a


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